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Creative Leaders Forum is a fireside chat of creative professionals and leaders.

Our topics include stories and insights, solutions and inspiring practices in the fields of creative work, collaboration and leadership.

We discuss joys and successes, challenges and good practices in creative work and leadership.





Creative Leaders Forum is a professional networking platform tailored for high-performing creatives and leaders.

Our events are open for all. We advocate relaxed and appreciative collegial atmosphere.

Creative Leaders Forum is a place to be inspired and to learn from each other.

Creative Leaders Forum started in 2017 in Helsinki from a shared need to have a relaxed professional platform to meet with peers, and to talk about topics which inspire and are close to the heart for creative professionals and leaders. Our first CLF event was a wonderful Tram Talk on creative work during the Helsinki Design Week festival.

Creative Leaders Forum is found and led by Avantage, a coaching agency specialized in helping high-performing creative professionals, leaders and teams grow and flourish. Director of CLF is Virpi Haavisto, a coach of high-performing creative professionals and leaders, and the Founder of Avantage.



Would you have an inspiring topic idea? And be interested in organizing the next CLF event with us?

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Thank you for reaching out. Talk with you soon!

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