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Creative Leaders Forum – Tram Talk on Creative Work




Tram, Helsinki

In collaboration with

Helsinki Design Week, Slush, Gold&Green Foods, Hög Publishing, Hannes Snellman Attorneys, Kieku, Helsinki City Transport

Often great ideas are born in transportation, while we are on the move, and see things clearly.


Creative Leaders Forum started in a tram. Literally.


On spring 2017, Avantage was invited by Helsinki Design Week to produce and lead a Q&A Tram Talk as a part of the design festival program.

The topic of the talk was easy to choose: Creative Work. And its joys, challenges, emotions and successes.

We had a marvelous bunch of open-minded creative professionals and leaders in our first talk. The participants of the legendary tram talk were:

Maija Itkonen, Designer and Co-Founder of Gold&Green Foods
Alexander Pihlainen, CMO of Slush
Virpi Eroma, Musician and A&R of Hög Publishing
Ilona Tulokas, Advocate of Hannes Snellman Attorneys
Juhani Salovaara, Professor Emeritus, Designer Legend, Kaj Franck Design Award Winner
The talk was led by Virpi Haavisto, Founder of Avantage.

The Tram Talk was all about creative collaboration at its very best: Meaningful, kind, inspiring, impactful, and a true joy!

We are glad we hopped on! Creative Leaders Forum was started.

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